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Undeniably, India is one of the most strikingly beautiful countries in the world. The vast diversity, incredible architecture, colourful festivals, and the delicious food, India’s got it all. So why not plan a domestic holiday this festive season?

Domestic travel is a great way to know your home country. Sand, snow, mountains and valleys, India has it all. From the arid deserts of Rajasthan, to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, India is one of the most diverse countries around the globe.

The picturesque snow clad mountains in the Himalayas, the breezy and lazy beaches of Goa, the hot and dry deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the green and clean forests in Karnataka, The beautiful & calm backwaters of Kerala, India offers travellers and tourists a plethora of opportunities and possibilities.

The adventure junkies can learn to ski at Auli or Gulmarg, or undertake the challenging Chadar trek. While the laid back ones can opt for a quaint homestay by the hills or the beach, to relax and rejuvenate themselves. Our own backyard has an infinite number of things worth experiencing. And if you ever run into a hiccup, you are in INDIA, your own country after all. By travelling domestic, you would also be lending your share in the country’s GDP.

Cost effective, time saving, easy accommodation, no documentation, easy availability are the numerous advantages of travelling domestic. Along with these, you also get to know about the Indian culture. Let’s face it that India has one of the diverse cultures on the planet. Every state has its own culture, language, and heritage. Also, the geographic vividity and vastness that India offers is surreal. It has an option for every type of traveller out there.


Culture & Heritage

Rich Diversity

Less Travel Time

Travelling domestic, here in India makes you feel at Home. The faces are friendly, language is not a barrier, and the hassle is less.

We at CWS help you to plan your dream domestic holiday, providing you end-to-end services, including hotel transfers, meals, sightseeing and much much more!

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